National Police rushed to the scene. | Laura Becerra


Three young men were fined on Sunday morning after they had clambered over security fences at Son Sant Joan Airport and had gone onto the runways.

The three were at an illegal party on the MA-5013 road, which passes by the airport. It would seem that at one point they saw the lights of a police patrol car, thought there was going to be a raid and ran off - to the airport and to the runways.

The alarms sounded around 4am. Security personnel and officers from the Guardia Civil and the National Police all rushed to the scene and found three drunk young men who had taken fright. There was no raid, but the police - once they had heard the version of events - took action in bringing the party to an end.

The three were issued with sanctions for breaching the curfew and for accessing a restricted area of the airport without authorisation.