President Armengol (centre) at a public health laboratory in Mallorca

President Armengol was visiting a public health laboratory on Monday.

31-05-2021Jaume Morey

President Armengol said on Monday that "the Balearic Islands are not yet considering doing away with the use of masks outdoors".

Decisions on the wearing of masks are ones to be taken at national level through the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System. Armengol acknowledged that mask-wearing is an issue which is being discussed, but she added that ending the use of masks outdoors was not a priority for the Balearics, which have "some of the best health data" in the country and are continuing along a path of "slow de-escalation".

The president suggested that judgement will have to be made regarding the future use of masks. "We will have to continue taking one with us, and it will depend when we put it on." For now, however, the government wants to wait until the vaccination programme is more advanced before ending the obligation to wear masks.

The governments in two regions of Spain, Castile-La Mancha and Galicia, have signalled their intention to scrap the compulsory wearing of masks outdoors. This is despite the fact that they don't have the powers to make such unilateral decisions.


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Arthur Robins / Hace 8 months

I am confused about mask wearing rules in Majorca. In some places it appears that you don't have to wear a mask on the beach or round the hotel pool Elsewhere it appears that a mask has to be worn all the time

Clarification please


John Brent / Hace 8 months

Is Spain the only country in Europe with this rule? I'm lost how we can welcome thousands of people from other countries with no testing. But you still need to wear a mask outside. I have no issues with wearing one inside but this is getting out of hand.


sayhi / Hace 8 months

That is NOT your decision to make, let's get that clear. Actually all these covid legislation is unlawful with basic fundamental rights being removed. no way would these stand in court.


john / Hace 8 months

She needs to walk around tourist areas now and see that very few tourists are wearing them. So why should we.


David Lewis / Hace 8 months

I cannot imagine tourists enjoying the experience here , with mandatory mask wearing in this heat, it’s clearly ridiculous to expect people to wear a mask outdoors whilst walking along a seafront


sayhi / Hace 8 months

like the curfew is being put behind and keeping power grab ongoing with other illogical and illegal legislation. There is no science globally to back up that masks work outside, if we are to follow the science that is, then follow the science. I do not know how any of these covid mandates/legislation would actually stand up in court as it is against the basic human rights. I am being serious as all this has been based on FEAR.