Ryanair flight from Bergamo to Ibiza. | Youtube: Corriere della Sera


There was trouble on a Ryanair flight on Monday, according to Courier della Sera.

The plane was en-route from Bergamo in Italy to Ibiza when a passenger told a woman in the row behind her to put on her face mask.

Video shows the two passengers arguing and the woman who wasn’t wearing her mask spitting and attacking the other passenger and pulling her hair.

When airline staff tried to calm the situation, she allegedly said, "If you don't stop there will be problems.”

The passenger is also seen standing over the person who told her to put on her mask and shouting in her face.

Things deteriorated even further when other passengers who were passing by told the woman to put on her face mask and she reacted by kicking them.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask on planes and some companies insist that passengers wear an FFPP2 mask, which can only be removed when eating or drinking and must cover the nose and mouth.