Playa de Palma

Seasonal workers arriving indicate that there is some tourism reactivation.


A sign that there is reactivation of tourism is coming from the property rental market. In Mallorca's resorts, the recovery is still only gradual, but workers are arriving for the season and renting accommodation.

The president of the College of Real Estate Agents in the Balearics, Natalia Bueno, says that demand has picked up over the past fortnight. As for prices, she says that there is "sufficient offer" and that people can choose. In general, flats are going for some 600 euros a month, an affordable rent compared to before the pandemic, when it was difficult to find anywhere to rent.

Many of the properties have been empty for more than a year, owners having taken the opportunity to carry out improvements. The typical profile of tenants, Bueno explains, is an employee with a 'fijo discontinuo' contract who has been on ERTE but who has come to work in Mallorca for the past twenty years.

There is certainly no problem with finding accommodation right now, and the same applies for people looking for long-term rental. There can even be price reductions of up to ten per cent because of the availability. This said, owners are more demanding. Their preference is for people with permanent or 'fijo discontinuo' work contracts and who don't work in the hospitality sector. Owners fear that someone in hospitality won't give them "a guarantee of continuity".


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Roger / Hace 8 months

For the quality that many such workers are offered I hope they don't have to pay any more! previous years 'use and abuse' was very much the norm and this is not part of a sustainable business model that the government claims to want to follow...but sadly, in reality, this current government has no real sustainability objectives!


Louise / Hace 8 months

I have never heard of anything more ridiculous . Owners have not let there properties empty for one year unless their demands were so high such as asking for rent to ge paid in advance or five months deposit . No one can find an apartment for 600 euros and owners have not been reforming their properties . The Snr’s Bueno has no idea what she is talking about and it’s sad that you publish this as it’s simply not true .