Police in Calle Reyes Católico, Palma. | A. Sepúlveda


A man has been charged with alleged attempted murder after an altercation in Palma.

When a woman arrived at her home in Calle Reyes Católicos she told her partner that a man she didn’t know had approached her and asked for her phone number and when she refused he allegedly was furious.

Do you want me to cut your head off? I cut off heads,” he allegedly shouted and spat in her face.

Her partner decided to go and look for the man who'd disrespected his wife and according to his Police statement he found the suspect with some friends in a bar and asked for an explanation.

At that point, the defendant allegedly stabbed him three times in the back with a kitchen knife. When the victim tried to turn round to defend himself he was allegedly stabbed a fourth time, before he was able to escape and call 091.

When Police arrived at the scene they detained the suspect and charged him.

The victim was taken to Son Llàtzer hospital and his injuries are described as serious.