Giant RAF transport plane.

Giant RAF plane.


A quiet afternoon at Ibiza airport was shattered on Saturday afternoon by the arrival of a giant Royal Air Force transport plane. The C17, one of the biggest cargo aircraft in the world, had flown to Ibiza from RAF Marham in Norfolk with equipment and spares for a stranded F35 stealth aircraft from the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, which is operating in the Mediterranean.

The F35 had made an emergency landing at Ibiza airport on Wednesday night while conducting operations in the Mediterranean from the Royal Navy carrier. The U.S. Marine Corp F35 is part of a mixed British/U.S. air group aboard the warship.

The C17 flew to Ibiza from the Norfolk air base which is home to the F35. The aircraft will be repaired and is expected to rejoin the carrier shortly.


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James / Hace 8 months

Andy, lighten up. Relax. Chill.


Andy / Hace 8 months

Steve, so proud that our plane broke down?


John Duckworth / Hace 8 months

I understood it was all a plan by the boys to get a bit of shore leave. Well done, guys. Enjoy Ibiza!


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 8 months

Brilliant story, it makes you so proud of the RAF, and the RN too of course, the finest in the world...