Jet2 Plane.

Jet2 Plane. archive photo.

12-06-2021Ultima Hora

The main British Tour Operators have delayed trips to the Balearics yet again, because the Islands are still on the ‘Amber’ list, which means Brits would have to quarantine for 10 days when they get home.

TUI UK and Jet2 Holidays Group have postponed all operations with the Balearics until July 4 and Easyjet Holidays have cancelled almost all flights to the Balearics and the rest of Spain until mid-July.

The UK reviews its ‘Red’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Green’ lists every three weeks and British Tour Operators say they're confident that the Balearics will move from ‘Amber’ to ‘Green’ on June 24.

The British Government’s decision is crucial for hundred of hotels and tourism related companies in Mallorca.

Meanwhile, bookings from Germany are so strong that the Lutfhansa group has decided to use its 'Jumbo' and Airbus A350 planes for flights to Palma from Frankfurt and Munich in July and August, to meet the high demand from DER Touristik, FTI, Alltours and Schauinsland.

The Boeing 747-8, ’Jumbo’ can accommodate 365 passengers and the Airbus A350 can carry 293.

There’s been a substantial increase in air traffic from Germany, Central European and Nordic countries and AENA says 1,304 planes are scheduled to take off or land at Palma’s Son Sant Joan Airport this weekend and 80% of them are international flights.

FEHM is expecting a huge increase in flights as soon as the UK includes the Balearic Islands on its quarantine-free ‘Green’ list.

“The UK’s conservative position regarding international travel is affecting companies in Mallorca who are delaying opening until London makes its next 'Green' list decision in the last week of June,” said FEHM President, María José Aguiló.


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John / Hace 7 months

Got nothing to do with vaccines. Malta is vaccinated high percentage and they not green.


John Oliver / Hace 7 months

If anyone reading this has a flight booked to Gatwick with EasyJet between now and 16th July, BEWARE! I have a flight booked for 14th July and this morning a friend mentioned that her son’s flight to Palma from Gatwick earlier in July has been cancelled. I have received no notification about my flight, neither by email nor the app, but thought I would just check. Logged into ‘My Bookings’ to discover that my flight has been cancelled and they haven’t bothered to tell me.


Stan / Hace 7 months

Unless Mallorca speeds up their vaccination rate. I do not see the Island going Green from the UK 's assesssment. Much stronger and more serios Viruses have infected Britain. Until they are controlled and considered safe for people to Travel. Then I think there will be further delay.


johnb / Hace 7 months

The tour operators are confident for a green list for the 24th? They are clearly not looking at what's happening in the UK. The government in the UK now is considering delaying the opening from the 24th of June for another 4 weeks because of the delta variant,which would mean the middle of July. I'd like to know why they are confident the UK is going to allow tourists to travel to Mallorca.