One of the car parks along the coastal road. | Pedro Aguiló Mora


Three car parks along the coastal Avenida Miramar in Sa Rapita are to be closed. Legally questionable, as they are on public maritime domain, they have principally served three restaurants on the other side of the road. Campos town hall and the Costas Authority are now finalising the formalities for their closure.

In order to get in and out of these car parks, drivers have to cross the lane reserved for bikes and pedestrians. This in itself poses a safety risk for a lane that the Council of Mallorca has been wanting to make safer for several years. The Council's roads department has been waiting for the town hall and the Costas to definitively close the car parks before doing this.

The loss of the car parks shouldn't cause any inconvenience. The town hall has created a free car park nearby with more spaces than the three combined.