Pedro Sanchez: No masks

Pedro Sanchez: No masks.

16-06-2021Chema Moya

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told parliament this morning that soon we will be saying adios to the face mask outdoors and hola to a return to normality.

Sanchez says that the high level of vaccination across the country meant that soon face coverings would no longer be needed.

His upbeat words had been echoed by the chief medical officer in the Balearics on Tuesday.


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Juan love / Hace 7 months

Tom Be sensible, but not obsessed and you will be fine.


henrik / Hace 7 months

Tom. May I suggest that try washing your hands frequently. Mask didn't/don't do any difference outside. Can't really compare with UK anyways. So many people from India and Pakistan are living in UK and they still travel even due to restriction. Many areas in India and Pakistan also don't have access to clean water or vaccines so that doesn't help either.


Mark Badoer / Hace 7 months

Hey Tom, I suggest you keep wearing your mask 24/7 inside and outside, except your shower.

For the rest I agree with Zoe and Juan love.


Tom / Hace 7 months

with mass parties going on, uncontrollable by the police and Government, with cruise ships coming back now, and mass tourism, and general feeling on the street there never was any covid, does every one not read other media more reliable media to the point. In the Uk yesterday 9000 newly infected people with he Indian variant. scientists predict if un restricted , and this is whats happening now all over the EU the restrictions are being dropped to quickly, the R factor will be 5 / 7, meaning 1 infected person will infect 5 others. vaccinated or not they will still infect and carry covid around to infect others. irrelevant if in the Uk or on holidays. suggest everyone does not throw their masks in the bin yet and keeps them for the third wave that has started and will result back to hard restrictions latest end Aug, after the politicians have cashed in on the summer holidays economically all over the EU and especially in Spain and schools resume ending the holiday madness everyone is so obsessed with.


johnc / Hace 7 months

About time too! Only time to wear a mask a shop, a place with lots of people and near grannma..she might want to plant a kiss on you!!!


Juan love / Hace 7 months

And I agree with you agreeing with me Zoe.

It is all about power and control (as with all Spanish politics), and nothing to do with our wellbeing whatsoever.


Zoe / Hace 7 months

They need to go and sooner rather than later. I am totally for wearing in a supermarket, public transport, taxi etc. But outside is totally ridiculous. What tourists there are here are not wearing them anyway! It puts people off coming here an especially wearinga mask with the heat. I totally agree with Juan love. Rant over.


Juan love / Hace 7 months

Wow! We are so fortunate and thankful. Seeing as Spain is one of the only Countries in the World still wearing them outside (due to the fact that they are next to pointless in open air anyway), we should not still be wearing them at all.


Not yet / Hace 7 months

Although fully aware that the general public are fed up with the face masks, I do not think it is a good idea to take off this restriction at least not in all cases.

For our future I think we should wait until the end of September at the earliest.


yes2freedom / Hace 7 months

so says the socialist aka communist politician... waiting for more legal cases to be brought against governments that stole and removed our god given human rights and freedoms last year and this year... they only got away with after watching Italy terrorise their people and jumped on the bandwagon. Let us see the legal cases brought for the People