Bar interior, Palma. | Ultima Hora


The first weekend with a 02:00 closing time has given the Nightlife Sector a much needed boost

CAEB-Restauración President, Alfonso Robledo, says the opening has been very positive and the fact that customers can eat and drink at the bar has brought interiors back to life.

Robledo points out that there were a lot of customers in bars and restaurants, but believes the 02.00 closure is a bit early, because a lot of people don’t finish eating until after 01:00 so they don’t have much time to go to a bar.

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He also predicts that the Sector will gradually get back to normal as long as the vaccination programme stays on target and the cumulative incidence rate remains stable.

British Tourists

The Hospitality Sector is banking on the return of British tourists to Mallorca, which Robledo says will benefit bars, restaurants and the economy and stresses that “not all of them are hooligans.”