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Singer Elián Ángel Valenzuela, aka L-Gante, has been accused of inciting the public to take a stand against Local Police at an RFB Music Erasmus concert at Plaza de Toros in Palma.

Green Patrol Officers and Ministry of Tourism Inspectors shut down the concert, sanctioned the event organisers and stated in their report that L-Gante was encouraging young people to ignore the Covid regulations.

The singer posted a photo of himself and Ibai Llanos on Twitter with a message for fans.

“First show in Spain. Not enough people to fill the venue, they cut my show and complained that I was disturbing people too much,” the singer wrote on social networks after the altercation.

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Elián, who was sanctioned for committing a serious offence, has apologised and expressed remorse for his actions.

The concert was authorised by the Balearic Government and Palma City Council who stated that there must be a maximum of 200 people sitting and wearing face masks in the ring; 1,000 sitting in the stands wearing face masks; delimited areas selling alcohol for adults and an express ban on the sale of alcohol to minors.

But, older students allegedly bought alcohol for the younger students, who got drunk and ended up lying on the floor.

Security Staff were completely overwhelmed and several people were sanctioned for very serious misconduct and non-compliance with the Covid regulations.