A better summer ahead for the yacht hire sector. | Gemma Andreu


Yacht charter companies are anticipating occupancy of up to 70% this summer, especially in August. Last summer, despite having been operating from June to August, there was a fall in turnover of between 50 and 60 per cent. José María Jiménez, president of the charter hire association in the Balearics, says that there are businesses which will not recover.

Demand from national clients has picked up notably this month, he explains. Low coronavirus incidence levels and the gradual easing of restrictions in the Balearics have pushed up demand from the mainland and to an unusual degree. As for foreign clients, they are expected to constitute more than half of this summer's demand; the German market is particularly strong. The most in-demand vessel is sailboat, for which there are currently 72% reservations.

The directorate for maritime transport is meanwhile reporting that there was a 14% increase in applications for sailing qualifications last year. In total, there were 3,092. The director general, Xavier Ramis, says that the 2020 figures represented a recovery to the level in 2012.

The high numbers are being maintained this summer. This month, there has been a 102.9% increase in applications compared with 2019 for four qualifications.