The fallout from the Spanish students' trips continues. | Teresa Ayuga


The health minister, Patricia Gómez, informed parliament on Tuesday that the Balearic government has urged the Spanish government to take legal action against tour agencies that organised or collaborated with trips and events for Spanish students.

Gómez explained that as soon as it was known that there were positive cases among students who had returned to the mainland, there was multilateral cooperation between regional health authorities and the national ministry of health. This was essential in order to identify students still in Mallorca, to test them and to provide the necessary health care. This included accommodating students at the Hotel Palma Bellver and placing them in isolation, a procedure prescribed for any person who tests positive or is a close contact of someone who is positive.

Between June 24 and June 30, the minister said, 319 students from five regions were identified and screened. By July 1, eighty had tested positive and fourteen were in hospital. A further fourteen tested positive on their way to the mainland. There was, therefore, a positivity test rate of around 30%.