Mahon. | Gemma Andreu


In May, sales of homes in the Balearics increased by 132% compared with May last year. Nationwide, there was an increase of 124.5% to a total of 59,013 sales. Last May, there was of course very limited sales activity because of the state of alarm. The average price per square metre in the Balearics was up 11.5% and in Spain by 3.6% to 1,429 euros.

By type of property, there were increases of 117.1% for flats (44,372) and 150.4% for houses (14,641). The average price of a flat was down 4.4% to 1,606 euros per square metre, while there was a 2.5% rise for houses to 1,146 euros.

Sales grew in all regions of the country, with the highest percentage rise having been 184.6% in Castile-La Mancha; the lowest was 5.4% in Navarre.

The Notaries Statistical Information Centre, which provides all these figures, points to great regional disparities in terms of price movement. As well as the 11.5% rise in the Balearics, there were, for instance, increases of 30% in Extremadura and 12.9% in the Canaries. By contrast, the largest falls in price were Aragon 13.8%, La Rioja 23.2% and Navarre 32%.