Detained at Palma airport.

Detained at airport.


A British tourist on a stag night in Magalluf was forced to cancel his wedding and exchange a date with his bride for a dressing down from a Palma judge.

The British tourist and a group of friends were celebrating in Magalluf when he decided to crash his rented moped into the sea. But just as he was about to board the flight home at Palma airport he was arrested by police. He was taken before a Palma judge who withdrew his passport until he paid a 6,000 euro fine. The clock was ticking, he was getting married the next day. He pleaded with the judge because the money failed to arrive, but no, the judiciary stood firm. So he had to make the call to his wife-to-be and tell that the wedding would be postpond.

Finally the money arrived and he was free to go.....but he had plenty of explaining to do when he returned home.


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Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

Why do some people think they can destroy other people’s property and that it doesn’t matter because they are on holiday?


John Law / Hace 6 months

Well done the Police and to the Judge. This is just the sort of problem that this rubbish tourism brings, and the reason that Punta Ballena was closed down in the first place of course. One would hope that this would send a message, but those bars still allow them to get stupid drunk, and then common sense takes a hike. There's been much sad about making Magaluf a better resort, but there were massive mistakes made by our President Armengol to allow this to happen again, and even worse to allow tourists back without tests, which have sent our contagion rates soaring once again, and created a nightmare job for the police to enforce.