Restaurants told to close earlier.

Restaurants told to close earlier.


The Balearic government is taking radical action to curb the number of coronavirus cases in the islands. From this Saturday all social gatherings involving people from different households are banned after 1a.m. The measure will last for the next two weeks.

From this Thursday, restaurants will have to close by 1a.m. and restrictions introduced on seating, eight people per table (instead of 12) outside and four people (instead of six) inside. But the Balearic government has decided not to make the mask compulsory again in public areas.

All these measures are being introduced to stop the gatherings of large numbers of young people.

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James w / Hace 6 months

Alot of Corona Karen's on here, get a life move on! And wake up before you sleepwalk into communism. This has never been about a virus. It's all about control. How do you wake up the brainwashed sheep before it's to late and nobody has anything left. That's my biggest concern. Not some flu virus.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 6 months

@Hilary McCain. We're ALL vulnerable, vaccinated or otherwise, haven't you been keeping up. Vaccination has nothing to do with contagion, so we'll all get it in due course. Nobody can know how they will be affected when they contract it, which they will have to at some stage. The answer is to at least be vaccinated before you catch it, to hopefully minimise the more serious effects, - which will differ from person to person.


2freedom / Hace 6 months

hospitals empty, nobody is dying, young people are not affected (proven by science), 99.9% survival rate on the Rona, flu and no immune systems after 5 years of long down, let them have fun and be young, all the do-gooders on here having their daily dose of moaning.. cry me river. total scam forcing young to get these so called vaccines. take off the mask, rise up and let all the groaners and moaners cry... freedom is waiting .. wear your mask if you wish and take your vaccine and leave the rest of us alone.


Tom / Hace 6 months

Too soft and too late ! Inpossible to enforce ! Balearic gov had better ask for 5000 more police from the mainland ! The issue is on the one hand the balearic wants as many tourists possible on the islands with no limits but after dark there is little for rhem to do , but sit around in bars etc till 1 am and get drunk as everything else is closed .


David Martin / Hace 6 months

Industrial estates closed and still 25,000 people in the streets every weekend!

So curfew or similar is the only way to control drinking in the streets.


Rafael Gómez / Hace 6 months

The Coronavirus rate is rising due to drinking on the streets and controlling that by the Police is impossible, so the measures are reasonable.


Hilary McCain / Hace 6 months

So stupid, all the vulnerable have been vaccinated for months - anyone else who wants one has been able to get a vaccine. They are causing so much suffering and hardship over absolutely nothing. Dumb government, so dumb.


Aa / Hace 6 months

And so we have it the end of the 2021 season, unbelievable this bal govt,


john / Hace 6 months

So,does that include tourists who have travelled together and are NOT from the same Family can't drink together? Try and enforce that one..good luck!!