Palma's hotel Son Artmadans.

20-07-2021Youtube Última Hora

The owner of Artmadams Hotel, Jaime España, has launched an online petition to drum up support for the mural by José Luis Mesas painted on the facade of the property, which Palma City Council claims is unlicensed.

The petition at began on Friday night and already has more than 1,500 signatures which España hopes will strengthen his case and protect the artwork.

The campaign to save the artwork includes a written request to Palma Mayor, José Hila, from España.

“Mayor Hila, find a solution that prevents the City Council from erasing the mural that has been created for us,” it says. "Do not destroy art and private initiative.” It also highlights the fact that Jaime España "has made a huge investment inside and outside his establishment in order to make it a benchmark for art in the Balearic capital."

España has requested a meeting with Heritage officials at the Consell de Mallorca to discuss the possible protection of the mural as an asset of artistic interest and PP is planning to present a proposal for the mural to be declared a facade of municipal tourist interest.

Jaime España says Cort has not officially asked him to remove the mural yet, which cost around 150,000 euros and has vowed to take the matter to court if necessary.

A few days ago, the Gerència d’Urbanisme ordered the removal of the mural within 30 days "by strictly technical criteria of heritage protection and visual impact in a unique neighbourhood," and has threatened to fine España if it’s not removed.

The initial fine is calculated at 10% of the cost of the mural with recurring fines for the same amount every month until it is removed, up to a maximum of twelve months.


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Pedro / Hace 6 months

Yikes, that's one ugly house!


Rosie Much / Hace 6 months

I am a keen supporter of good contemporary art and innovative architecture. However well intentioned, I don't consider this endeavour to be a positive addition to the city so for me it's not just a question of the failure to get a licence, it's also the issue of aesthetics in our beautiful city. I congratulate Jaime España's intention but not the outcome. If he had enlisted some great local architects such as Ohlab! who produce wonderful contemporary architecture or the fabulous Joan Aguilo to produce a mural that celebrated the local community then I'd be with him all the way.


Rafael Ramos / Hace 6 months

Everybody has to ask for a license for doing everything, so if the owner hasn't asked for it he has to remove the mural and pay the fine. The owner thinks is outside the law??


Colin Allcars / Hace 6 months

If this ‘artwork’ had been painted on the inside walls for those who wished to enjoy to be able to do so, then that would be fine.

But this man has had it painted on the outside, thereby forcing everyone who can see it to suffer it whether they like it or not.

I, and many others, are on the ‘do not’ side. Planning rules are there for the good of the majority and need to be enforced.

That said, graffiti is also illegal and is imposed on the majority whether we like it or not. I expect the council to remove it from public view and prosecute the offenders with the same vigour that they are exercising in this instance.


Jelle plevier / Hace 6 months

what a Beautiful artwork. would be a shame if it has to be taken down