Move would be a big blow for Balearics.

Move would be a big blow for Balearics.

18-07-2021JOAN LLADO

There is fresh speculation in the mainstream British media that Spain could be added to the Amber Plus British travel list which would mean that even tourists who had received both jabs would have to quarantine on their return home.

Many of the UK national newspapers were reporting that Spain and Greece could join France on the hit list after a rise in the number of cases.

With thousands of British tourists heading to our shores this week the move would be a severe blow and could dent holiday bookings.

At the moment you can travel to the Balearics without quarantine on your return home if you have been vaccinated twice.

Newspapers were reporting that a decision would be taken at cabinet level.

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John Law / Hace 6 months

@ Stephano. Not sure where you got that rubbish from, have you ever looked at the official website....


Stephano / Hace 6 months

Covid numbers are falling in the Balearics, small but falling all the same way. The UK will not upgrade to Amber plus tomorrow, I've been advised


John Law / Hace 6 months

The UK should never have listened to the Hoteliers Federation puppet Sra Armengol from Barcelona. She even changed the local rules to allow "tourists' in without tests. Get us on your Amber Plus list asap please Boris, before we're in lockdown again...


Ohil / Hace 6 months

@Paul. Just one word for you. Idiot.


john / Hace 6 months

In answer to your question Peter,health or economy? I would put health. If we don't try and protect health there's a good chance many of us won't be around to worry about the economy. For centuries there have been viruses,some deadly,some highly contagious and nearly all don't disappear in a short space of time. So many say we have to live with it and make the best of it while we try and vaccinate the planet as quickly as we can. The problem if we take it lightly and do nothing to protect ourselves is becomes a huge burden on hospitals. If they are under huge pressure,then all other services, example ( cancer care, people waiting for operations) all that gets a knock on effect and the whole system will eventually collapse.( Look at India recently). The economy is also so important as not having our livelihoods as that causes health issues too(stress, depression,and worse). So there's a balance we have to decide. If I'm asked which one? I would always say health comes first. Just to mention too,if people don't believe that covid doesn't exist, instead of complaining and trying to spread misinformation,just go to the nearest hospital with your eyes wide open and look!


Jay / Hace 6 months

So I can go to Cornwall for 2 weeks , no restrictions . Go in a packed pub , no mask coming into god knows how many positive cases , then can return home and carry on as normal , no tests whatsoever . In mallorca need negative test to return to UK but still need to isolate if goes Amber plus . Makes no sense at all


johnb / Hace 6 months

I'm not sure where you have been living Paul, but this is planet Earth!


Paul / Hace 6 months

It's time to wake up ex pats, there is no virus. The massive order of Midazolam from France to the UK in Markch '20 was the first wave. Coronavirus has always existed but it may come as a shock but no such thing a C 1 9 (i'm ready for the onslught) and any questions, first answer, yes you know someone who had it, a faulty PCR test not fit for purpose and co morbities if they died, next?


Peter P / Hace 6 months

Would anyone out there please stand up and suggest a better way of dealing with something that has never happened before. Would you put health in front of the economy or the other way round? In which case justify you choice in words then deal with the nay sayers regardless of your choice. Damn it's easy to condemn without offering a solution.


Adam / Hace 6 months

I’m with Lisa on this one.