Massive police operation | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


In the early hours of this morning just before the entry into force of the new COVID-19 restriction that bans social gatherings between 01:00 and 06:00 hours, Local and National Police stormed the Playa de Palma to prevent illegal street parties breaking out once the bars closed at 01:00.

A similar operation was mounted along the Paseo Mallorca and on the main industrial estates and the police managed to stop the parties and send everyone home or back to their hotels.

During the early hours of this morning the security forces controlled a total of 176 vehicles, identified 24 people and issued 76 fines for binge-drinking.

This weekend, a total of 314 vehicles were checked, 24 people were identified, 182 reports were drawn up, 16 breathalyser tests were carried out, of which 12 were positive and 35 traffic offences were reported.