Clubs are closed, and so events are being organised on private property.


Miguel Pérez Marsá, president of the Abone nightlife association in the Balearics, says that renting out private terraces for events "further ratchets up illegality" in Mallorca. He adds that "we are sick and tired of seeing adverts of this type for private homes and villas".

"The government has to do something to regulate this type of activity." There are these illegal parties and yet "when something happens on Punta Ballena (Magalluf), it's all over the television".

He explains that he knows someone who rented out his chalet. "When he returned, there was rubbish and filth everywhere. You can rent out a house, but not for an illegal party."


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Maggie Whittaker / Hace 6 months

A well-controlled, professional nightclub which protects their licences by following rules is not allowed to trade and these illegal parties can happen uncontrolled. PLEASE can we get some common sense and logic into the legislation that is crippling jobs and businesses for NOTHING!


Andy Andy / Hace 6 months

I do find a little hypocrisy in all these complaints about "villa parties". They all basically say if you are poor and want to party (eg rent a villa for a party with friends and split the cost) it's awful, yet if you own your own villa in the Campo and throw parties for all your rich friends, that's absolutely fine. We've seen the constant attack of younger or lower income people under the guise of them "flouting covid restrictions". However do you not think that the rich are doing, repeatedly, the only difference is that they can afford their own villas and don't have to charge an entrance. As I have been told by many affluent tourists, with no sarcasm, "the rich don't get covid".....and the policies definitely seem to reflect that. Drinking in the street, terrible, drinking in my large villas garden, absolutely acceptable