Juan Jose Segura-Sampedro at Son Espases hospital. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A leading local surgeon at the Son Espases Hospital has been awarded an honorary MBE (Member of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II for his research into balcony deaths in Magalluf and in other resorts on the island.

Juan José Segura-Sampedro and his team at Son Espases have carried out extensive investigations over the last few years which has helped the British government plan and introduce campaigns warning British tourists of the risks of so-called balconing which has claimed numerous lives in Magalluf and elsewhere. “The root cause, in most cases, of what is commonly known as balconing is excessive drinking of alcohol,” he told the Bulletin. He went on to say that they had shared all their research with the British Consulate in Palma and the British Embassy.

“We work very closely together on this issue,” he said.

“I must say that I was honoured when I was notified by the British Embassy. This honour is not only for me but the large number of people at Son Espases who have been involved in the research. It is certainly a team effort.” Juan Jose Segura-Sampedro has been at Son Espases since 2015. Part of his training took place at a London hospital.

He will be presented with his honorary MBE by the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, in Palma later this year.