A protest staged earlier this week. | MDB


Drivers employed by the company Moventis, which has the concession for bus services in the west of Mallorca (Andratx, Calvia included), are to stage strikes each day between 9am and 11am and 5pm and 7pm. On August 30, September 1 and 3, all-day stoppages are scheduled.

The works council is accusing the Balearic government of siding with the company in having set minimum service levels of 50% for the two-hour stoppages and 60% for the all-day stoppages.

Earlier this week, the works council stated its surprise that, a week after the industrial action had been announced, there had not been a single attempt at rapprochement by the company - not a single proposal and no offer of a meeting to try and find a solution. The government, moreover, had not shown "the slightest interest in the situation".

The employees "are not asking for a salary increase, they are simply demanding that they are paid what they are entitled to be paid".