All of the UK tour operators are already selling summer 2022 | MDB files


Tour operators and hoteliers are engaged in negotiating new contracts for next season and Balearic hoteliers are under pressure not to raise their rates for next summer.

All of the UK tour operators are already selling summer 2022 and they have even expanded their programme for the Balearics, Jet2 in particular is going to be flying out of more airports to the Balearics, so confidence in the Balearic market is still very high in the UK.

However, after the massive financial hit tour operators and airlines have taken this year, they want hoteliers to play ball and hold their rates so that all parties involved can get back on their feet and look ahead to 2023 with more confidence and clarity.

In the meantime, not all tour operators are prepared to take a gamble on extending this summer season.

Tourist industry sources have said that they are currently planning on operating until the end of October or early November at the earliest in the Balearics because there is still a lot of consumer uncertainty plus they are not expecting substantial low season demand, so the emphasis is going to be very much on the Canary Islands where peak season starts in October.

In the meantime, the main Balearic hotel chains are offering discounts of up to 60 percent to try and boost bookings over the next few months.