Find out what is causing the traffic chaos. | PP


In February 2018, Bel Busquets, who was then the tourism minister, descended on Alcudia and held a press conference at which she confirmed that 2.1 million euros were to be invested in two projects in Puerto Alcudia.

One was the project for Teodor Canet, which has basically comprised a different road surface. There was also something about an increase to the “landscaped (garden) zone”. If there had been one before, I can’t say that I had never noticed it. Nor can I say that I’ve detected an increase to what presumably had existed previously, but be this as it may.

Largely to do with reducing “acoustic contamination” (hence the new road surface) and with improving safety and accessibility, the Teodor Canet project was to be coupled with one for the final bit of the Carretera Arta before it becomes the Paseo Marítimo and for the Calle Hosteleria, the road where the church is.

As well as noise reduction, safety and so on, there was the typical guff about diversification and addressing tourism seasonality. Yes, do something to a couple of roads and low-season tourists will flood in.

You may recall that a few months ago there were criticisms about trees having been uprooted to make way for whatever it was they had in mind for the Carretera Arta. They needed to be uprooted because the roots were in the way.

We now come to the traffic chaos caused by this grand endeavour and the closing of the Carretera Arta. The opposition Partido Popular are demanding that things return to how they were. There are, the PP note, problems for delivery trucks and for coaches. I can sympathise with the PP demand.

It can be bedlam. And while on the subject, what’s with part of the Teodor Canet car park having been blocked off? There’s insufficient parking as it is. Maybe it’s the landscape zone.