A lifeguard and police officer in Playa de Muro. | Archive


Police in Muro have reported that they last week booked a bather for ignoring a red flag and the demands of lifeguards to get out of the water.

On Monday evening around 6.30, a red flag was flying at the beach in Playa de Muro. A man, said to be aged around 30, decided to go for a dip, despite being warned by a lifeguard. He remained in the sea, and another lifeguard went to the scene. He continued to ignore their demands. The lifeguards had by now come to the conclusion that he had been drinking.

He then got rather more than he had probably bargained for. It just so happened that there was an off-duty Guardia Civil officer on the beach and also an off-duty National Police officer. They went to the assistance of the lifeguards and told the man to get out. He replied that he wasn't going to and that they should go away. If they didn't, there would be "problems".

Which there were. For him. The officers weren't giving up. The man gave one of them a slap. He was swiftly brought down and restrained. On-duty Guardia Civil officers and Muro police then arrived. It was the police who booked him, and he faces a possible fine of between 900 and 2,000 euros.