The ceremony on Friday evening. | Pere Bota


It should have taken place last year, but the pandemic intervened and so the official ceremony to proclaim Pollensa as one of Spain's "most beautiful villages" had to be delayed.

On Friday evening in the Sant Domingo Cloister, the ceremony finally took place. The president of the Asociación de Pueblos más Bonitos de España, Francisco Mestre, said that it was "wonderful" that Pollensa with its "rich heritage and culture" had become part of the network.

Mayor Tomeu Cifre proudly stated that it was an "honour to be able to say that Pollensa is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain". "We knew it, nobody had to tell us. We have always boasted this, but it is nevertheless a great joy that an association such as this has admitted us to a club that is synonymous with quality, beauty and tourist accessibility."

Pollensa is thus part of a network which had only one representative in Mallorca and the Balearics - Fornalutx. There are now three. Alcudia received the recognition at the same time as Pollensa; Alcudia's ceremony is today (Saturday).

The mayor of Alcudia, Bàrbara Rebassa, was among those in attendance on Friday evening. In his speech, Tomeu Cifre joked: "We will not enter into a debate as to which is the more beautiful; we all know this."