A shop in Mallorca (in pre-Covid days). | Ana Isabel Garrido


Latest figures from the National Statistics Institute show that retail sales in the Balearics increased 5.9% in July compared with the same month last year. This was the highest percentage rise in the country. Employment in the retail sector was up 3.1%, the second highest increase after Valencia (3.3%).

The Balearics growth was way above the national average, as there was barely any growth - just 0.1%. Other regions were also some distance behind. Andalusia had the second highest percentage rise - 1.7% - followed by Valencia with 1.2%.

There were decreases in twelve regions, the greatest having been Castile and León (minus 4.2%), Extremadura (4.6%) and Navarre (6.1%).

Employment, meanwhile, was up two per cent on average. Only one region registered a decrease - the Canaries, down 2.2%.

As for category of sales, personal equipment rose 6.8%, while service stations had 3.3% growth. Food was up 0.8%. Household equipment was down 2.4%.