Jorge Lis. | @CMM_noticias


Jorge Lis, who was a runner-up in Spain's 125cc motorcycling championship in the 1990s and went on to become a motorcycle racing coach, has died of Covid. He was 46.

He passed away on Tuesday at the Hospital La Fe de Valencia, having been in intensive care for 45 days. Damage caused to his lungs by Covid proved too great.

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His condition became public knowledge when his sister, Elena, wrote an article about his views on Covid. After refusing to be vaccinated and spreading conspiracy theories about the pandemic, he became infected. His condition gradually worsened, and this made him rethink his Covid denial.

In one of the last messages he sent his sister before being admitted to ICU, he admitted that he was "afraid". He had suddenly been given one of his greatest life lessons. "Spending a lot of time on Twitter, etc. radicalized me to the extreme. I wish I had been vaccinated."