The town hall's surplus will help in dealing with the deficit. | Pedro Aguiló Mora


Calvia town hall's accounts for 2020 show a deficit of nine million euros. There was a revenue loss of some 12 million euros, while the town hall paid out more in order to help businesses and the self-employed who were themselves incurring losses.

Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez has thanked the "great political and social consensus" that there has been in alleviating the "enormous difficulties" faced by families and businesses. But he and his administration now need to look at containing some costs because of an ongoing drop in revenue. It isn't clear as yet what the balance for 2021 will be, but a further deficit looks inevitable.

However, although cost containment will be required, the town hall is able to draw on reserves. As with most town halls, it has a budget surplus that has accumulated over the years because of spending constraints applied by the Spanish government. Spokesperson Nati Francés says that the debt has been reduced and that the surplus will allow the deficit to be addressed without taking measures in coming years.