Sunday's protest by the Cathedral. | Miquel À. Cañellas


On Sunday, there was a new protest against what opponents see as the expansion of Palma Son Sant Joan Airport.

Some 400 people gathered on the steps of the Cathedral. A statement was read out, claiming that the project for the airport is solely one to satisfy the financial interests of the Aena airports authority.

"It is in the power of citizens who organise themselves to be able to stop this. Aena has dedicated itself to lying to the media, persuading politicians to say that this is not an expansion but a remodelling. Aena wants to convert spaces for public use into private use. Enlargement will directly affect humanity's main challenge, which is to fight climate change."

Certain politicians were in attendance. They included Palma town hall spokesperson, Alberto Jarabo (Podemos), and Vicenç Vidal (Més), a former Balearic environment minister and now a senator in Madrid.