The plan for an area of "high environmental value". | Joan Socies


The Balearic government has published the draft of the natural resources management plan for the Es Trenc Nature Park. Open to public consultation, there are four weeks for submissions.

The plan envisages measures to conserve natural values, and these include the comprehensive restoration of the beach-dune system, an aim being that this area of ​​"high environmental value" remains free in order to guarantee its conservation. There is to also be environmental restoration of other areas, such as Estany d'en Pedreres, Es Cremat and Es Clot de s'Arena de sa Barrala.

The government states that objectives are to establish the protection regime for Es Trenc-Salobrar de Campos; to protect natural resources through the management and regulation of uses; to recover and conserve key elements; to regulate activities for public use; to promote environmental education; and to monitor habitats and protected species.

Specifically, the plan will establish a regime for the management of natural resources - geological, dune system and water - in addition to regulation of activities linked to the natural environment, such as agriculture, fishing and salt mining. The plan will make the human pressure in the park "compatible" with the protection and conservation of natural values.

Es Trenc-Salobrar de Campos was declared a nature park in 2017. It is one of the "most emblematic" areas of the Balearics, owing to the high representation of Mediterranean coastal habitats.