Police display the threatening weapons. | Policia Nacional


The National Police in Palma report the arrest on Wednesday evening of a 45-year-old man who threatened his mother and sister with a knife and a pair of scissors.

Officers went to an address in the Verge de Lluc district after calls from neighbours around 6.30pm to the police's 091 number. When officers arrived, they could hear cries for help from one apartment. Neighbours warned the police that he was going to kill his mother.

The police entered the apartment and found that the man had trapped his mother and sister in the kitchen and was holding a knife and a pair of scissors. The officers enabled the women to get out of the kitchen and move to another room. They tried to calm the man down, but he rushed into the other room, once more threatening to attack the women. This time, one of the officers drew his gun. He stopped but didn't drop the weapons. Finally, the officers were able to restrain him.

It was established that the man has repeatedly threatened his mother and that a neighbour who had tried to intervene had suffered a slight stab wound to one thigh.

He was kept in the cells overnight and appeared in court on Thursday. He was issued with a restraining order and released on charges.