Alfonso Rodríguez, mayor of Calvia. | PSIB-PSOE


The 2022 state budget has provision for a two per cent public sector pay rise. Included in this are elected politicians.

The salaries of mayors in Mallorca (and everywhere else in Spain) are determined by the size of municipal populations. In this respect, Palma lies on the second rung of cities - those with populations between 300,001 and 500,000. Applying the pay rise, this will take the maximum gross salary for a Palma mayor to 100,516 euros.

More often than not, mayors don't take the maximum they are allowed to earn. In the case of the current mayor of Palma, José Hila, his salary in 2020 was 60,002.60.

A list was published last week of the 2020 salaries of all mayors in Spain - 8,131 of them. Mallorca has 53, and Hila, unsurprisingly, was the highest-earning mayor. But his salary was well short of what he was entitled to. The closest to him was the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, on 59,354 euros.

Calvia is on the fifth rung of the pay scale - municipalities with between 50,001 and 75,000 inhabitants. According to the pay rise, Rodríguez could earn 72,595.46 euros in 2022, but he won't, as the salary has been set lower, even if it is very close to that of José Hila.

The next level down is municipalities with 20,001 to 50,000 people. The 2022 maximum will be 61,427.01 euros, and five town halls qualify - Alcudia, Inca, Llucmajor, Manacor and Marratxi. In 2020, no mayor in these was taking the maximum. The highest earner was Virgilio Moreno in Inca (53,346.02 euros). He had "exclusive dedication", as was the case with Hila and Rodríguez and the mayors of Llucmajor, Manacor and Marratxi.

In Alcudia, however, where the maximum may in any event have been lower as Alcudia has only recently topped the 20,000 population mark, Barbara Rebassa's salary was 13,446.78 euros for "without exclusive dedication".

According to the list for 2020, the third highest paid mayor in Mallorca was Xisca Porquer in Campos - 55,354.58 euros. In fourth was Rafel Fernández in Capdepera with 54,253.56 euros. Fifth was Tomeu Cifre in Pollensa - 54,059.93 euros. At similar rates were Maria Pons in Santanyi with 53,044.04 and Carlos Simarro (Soller) on 53,000.00.

The lowest paid mayor in 2020 was Nadal Torres in Valldemossa. He could have earned far more than his 5,130.00 euros, but was without exclusive dedication.

Decisions on mayor's salary and also the salaries of other councillors are made by full meetings of town hall councils. In some instances, where the salary is particularly low, decisions may reflect the wishes of a particular mayor to waive most of the entitlement.