Holy Thursday will be a holiday in Mallorca in 2022. | Jaume Morey


Twelve working days will be public holidays in Spain next year, eight of which will be common to all the regions. In addition to these twelve, regions will have their respective holidays, such as March 1 (which will be a Tuesday) for Balearics Day.

Of the twelve days, seven are mandatory national holidays - New Year's Day, Good Friday (April 15), the Assumption of the Virgin (August 15), National Day (October 12), All Saints (November 1), Constitution Day (December 6) and the Immaculate Conception (December 8). In addition, all regions will be treating January 6 (Epiphany) as a holiday. This is one that the state allows to be substituted, if regions so wish.

As to the other four days, all regions, except Catalonia, have chosen Holy Thursday (April 14). Boxing Day will be a holiday in most regions, including the Balearics, where Easter Monday will also be a holiday.

Labour Day falls on a Sunday next year, and so many regions have opted for May 2 to be a holiday. Christmas Day isn't included in the list of mandatory holidays as it will also be a Sunday in 2022.