Two of the tents at Son Tous. | Pere Bota


Alejandro Becerra, spokesperson for the National Police in the Balearics, explained on Thursday that all the migrants who had been accommodated in temporary tents at the former Son Tous barracks have now left.

This facility was created because there wasn't capacity to house all the migrants who arrived last weekend - more than 200 in Mallorca. Sixty-one migrants were held at Son Tous in eleven tents. There were three other tents for police officers, who were in charge of the migrants' detention, documentation and investigation.

Becerra added that the police had asked for somewhere with "decent conditions" to be created. All available places elsewhere were occupied.

The migrants are assigned to a detention centre on the mainland if there is space. Some are released but with a repatriation order in force. Following a previous mass wave of migrants, planes were chartered to transfer them to centres in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.