Moment when he saw the message from Rafa Nadal. | twitter@pilarleon007


Pilar León, whose grandfather has just celebrated his 90th birthday, has managed to get him an extremely special gift.

On 5 October, the young woman posted a video on social networks asking Rafa Nadal for a message to mark the special day and her wishes have come true.

The Mallocan tennis star sent her an emotional video: "Today is a very special day because it's your birthday. I send you a big hug and I wish you a happy birthday and all the best", said Rafa.

The granddaughter has shared her grandfather's reaction in a video on Twitter in which he is visibly moved by the present.

"Eternally grateful to Rafa Nadal and all of you who have helped to make his 90th birthday unforgettable," wrote León on the social network.

The video has gone viral and scores of people have applauded the tennis player's gesture. "He is a great", "so early to cry", "even I cried", "he is great on and off the court", "we need many Rafael Nadals in this country", wrote some users.