Check your documentation.

Check your documentation.

01-07-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - - EFE

As of today, Spain will accept the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination record. If you are travelling with a printed PDF proof of vaccination status, it must date from 1 November to ensure that the certificate can be scanned successfully. Your NHS appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status.

Certificates of recovery - a medical document certifying that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months prior to travel - is not currently accepted for arrivals from the UK. See the Spanish Ministry of Health ‘Travel and COVID-19’ page for details.

Documents can be in either English, Spanish, French or German and in paper or electronic format.

All documents must specify the name and surname of the passenger. See ‘Entry requirements for entry in Spain from third countries’ section ‘k.’ on the Spanish Ministry of Health ‘Travel and COVID-19’ page for details regarding proof of vaccination and the types of diagnostic tests that can be presented when travelling to Spain from the UK.


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David / Hace 3 months

Burgundy Don’t get me started on British bureaucracy I had a go at my mp a couple of months ago about the need for passenger location forms to return to U.K. Along the lines of double jabbed and British passport holder why do we need to spend time filling in only 48hrs before returning home. The track and trace has been underperforming to say the least and it’s continued use sort of undermines vaccine confidence in my opinion. Got the usual off the peg minister’s reply. Blah blah review shite. Unfortunately governments like to interfere and control by convincing people it’s in their interest, for their safety. When the wold returns to normal it will be interesting how many special measures are not withdrawn. Hope you get sorted soon.


Burgundy / Hace 3 months

I seem to remember the UK dragging its’ feet for months over accepting the EU covid vaccination passport. Indeed, I could not travel back to the UK without quarantine for quite some time because I’d had my jabs done by IB Salud in Manacor.

UK: Have you been jabbed?

Me: Yes. Both doses. Several months ago.

UK: Ah, but were you jabbed by the NHS?

Me: No. I am a resident of Mallorca.

UK: Oh. Well, p*ss off thern. You can’t come in.

Me: I’m a British citizen, with a UK passport , and I’ve been jabbed with a British serum made in Oxford.

UK: Am I bovvered?


David / Hace 3 months

Ulla Yes most of my fellow Brits like most other nations can moan at Olympic standards. This is about the commodity of selling tourists holidays ,that to Spain is and export of a service or product, and not about immigration control although it is sometimes difficult to part the two. Spain has a lot of skin in the tourism game and needs it for a healthy economy. I managed businesses all over the world including a turnaround in Pamplona. First lesson keep the customer happy, as the song says money makes the world go round. It’s not about special it’s about good hospitality business.


Ulla / Hace 3 months

David, what I mean is that British unfortunately moan as soon as something is changed with rules and regulations. Many British wanted Brexit but also wanted everything about travelling and staying in Spain should be the same as before. So are you saying because you are a big contributor, you should have a special treatment? I'm afraid usually the world doesn't work like that. You can't eat the cake and still have it.


David / Hace 3 months

Ulla You are correct that people visiting other nations first check entry and other legal and custom requirements. I checked U.K. govt travel site and it does cover this detail but did not last week. You are also correct that the the U.K. is now one of the 170 nations in the world not in the European Union. I think you may get an argument from those making a living in Spain’s tourism industry that a nation responsible for 25% of its businesses and that alone is 3% of Spain’s gross gdp is not at all special to them.


Ulla / Hace 3 months

Why is it so difficult for Britis to check what they need to enter any country, Spain included? Others manage before they book and travel. Stop moaning, it's not against British. You are just one nation among many and not that special


David / Hace 3 months

Well that was well flagged. Get ready for newspaper stories soon of Spain stops doubled vexed pensioners entering that country. because wrong paperwork date. Petty red tape. Believe it or not some do not have I phones. I don’t but have a official NHS statement letter of double vaccination but dated June 21 so I cannot enter Spain with that proof. You could not make it up