Work on the tram could begin in 2022.


The Balearic government's 2022 budget bill, now beginning its parliamentary process, does not include a spending item for the tram project from the centre of Palma (Plaça Espanya) to the airport. Nor is there an item for an extension of the Metro to Son Espases Hospital.

Under planned spending on mobility, there are 21.8 million euros for the Metro extension from the University of the Balearic Islands campus to the ParcBit technology park and 22.6 million euros for further electrification.

However, the absence of the items for the tram and the Son Espases Metro extension does not mean that these projects are being neglected. The government is estimating that 140 million euros of European funds, not currently itemised, will be forthcoming and that this money can be used to make a start on these two projects.