President Armengol clashed again with Jorge Campos of Vox. | Jaume Morey


Friday's incident at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport was unsurprisingly raised in the Balearic parliament on Tuesday. Marga Duran of the opposition Partido Popular wanted to know if the Balearic government will be ascertaining who was responsible for passengers running off the Air Arabia Maroc plane after it had made an emergency landing.

Mercedes Garrido, the minister for public function, made clear that the regional government has raised the matter with Madrid and noted that the Spanish government announced on Monday that security procedures will be reviewed.

Garrido insisted that the Balearic government had responded immediately in calling on the Spanish government for tighter procedures. She said that "faking an illness and landing at Palma airport" could have happened at any other international health airport - Palma is one of these.

Meanwhile, Jorge Campos of Vox said that the Balearics and Spain were open to "international ridicule" because of the arrival of "patera planes" and asked President Armengol if she continued to maintain that "illegal immigration is not linked to crime".

The president responded by saying that "whoever relates crime and immigration is lying and, in addition, is xenophobic".