Spanish strike. | ARTUR RESZKO


Spain's truck drivers will strike for three days in the week leading to Christmas, the national truck driving association said this morning, accusing both the government of abandonment and clients of insensitivity and exploitative behaviour.

The strike has been called from midnight on Dec. 19th to midnight on Dec. 22nd of this year, in a move poised to disrupt supply chains and goods delivery at a time of heightened economic activity, in the run-up to year-end festivities.

Negotiations over a package of requests the association presented last year - including prohibiting drivers from loading and unloading merchandise, building safe rest areas and state support in the face of rising fuel prices - did not bear fruit.

"Our clients, in the present economic situation... profit from the dominance afforded to them by current regulation around road transport contracts, which itself is provoking a huge lack of professionals drivers in the face of degrading and inhuman conditions," the association said in a statement.