Dragonera, where protests prevented development. | Efe (Cati Cladera)


The Council of Mallorca has launched a website with information about the Dragonera Nature Park (https://dragonera.conselldemallorca.cat). The home page has three blocks of content - Visit the park, Itineraries and Environmental Education - and this content enables users to know everything that the park offers "in a simple and intuitive way".

The Council's director of the environment, Josep Manchado, says that the website contains important information about Dragonera's natural heritage and "detailed descriptions of the coastline, forests, crops and the cliffs".

There are four routes to get to know its lighthouses - Na Miranda, Far de Tramuntana, Far de Llebeig and Far de Na Pòpia (or Far Vell).

The history section begins in the Talayotic period and ends in today's park. It includes the 1977 occupation of the island in order to prevent Dragonera from becoming a residential area with a marina. This was "a very important date for the birth of the environmental movement in Mallorca".

The website is in five languages - Catalan, Castellano, English, French and German.