The passenger who claimed to have been ill (left) when being taken to court in Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The passenger on the Air Arabia Maroc flight who caused the plane's emergency landing in Palma was not unwell. The two doctors from Son Llàtzer Hospital who treated this passenger have told the court of instruction that is dealing with the case that they did not detect any symptoms to indicate that he required emergency care.

There was no evidence of any type of disease. The only knowledge of the diabetes said to have caused a coma, and therefore the landing, came from what the passenger himself had said.

The lawyer for the defendant asked the doctors if a lack of symptoms may have been due to pills and serum administered by ambulance personnel. They said that while this could not be completely ruled out, it was unlikely that a diabetic coma would disappear so quickly and without any remaining signs.