Better explanation of the new electricity rates is being demanded. | Gemma Andreu


High on the agenda in the Balearic parliament on Tuesday will be electricity bills.

The Partido Popular will be bringing a motion calling on the Spanish government to lower prices by eliminating the tax on the production of electricity. The main opposition party also wants Madrid to assume costs of the regulated tariff, of the electricity system debt and of the supply to non-mainland regions (e.g. the Balearics) within the state budget.

A further demand is that electricity bills are simplified so that they are more understandable. The PP wish to see an "immediate information campaign" to explain new rates in a "simple and understandable way".

Other items on the agenda include measures being applied to people who have not been vaccinated and Més in Mallorca seeking parliament's support in urging the Spanish government to introduce a tax on excess profits earned as a consequence of the pandemic - a so-called Covid tax.