The accused was arrested by the National Police in 2015. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The Prosecutor's Office is demanding a sentence of twenty months for a person who is accused of defrauding Barceló Viajes by making online holiday bookings with fraudulent credit cards.

On one night in August 2015, the accused is said to have purchased five packages - two were for the Caribbean, one was for a designer hotel, and the other two were under "unique experiences".

The combined value of these bookings was 4,500 euros. Although the accused was in Madrid, the investigation overseen by a court of instruction was in Palma - Barceló Viajes is part of the Barceló Group, which is based in Mallorca.

He appeared in court last week but rejected any agreement with the prosecutor. His defence raised a number of challenges, which the judge flatly dismissed. One of these was a claim that the police set a trap by offering other packages that he tried to purchase.

As there was no agreement, the case will go to trial at the end of March next year.