The Constitution Day event was at the Almudaina Palace. | Europa Press


President Armengol stated on Monday that the Covid pandemic and all its social and economic consequences have shown that the 1978 Constitution "is more applicable today than ever".

Armengol was speaking at the official event at the Almudaina Palace in Palma to mark Constitution Day. She referred to the "great agreement" that had led to the approval of the Constitution 43 years ago and to the requirement to protect health, employment, education and social welfare during the pandemic crisis.

"The Constitution requires us to fight for the fair redistribution of wealth and against the lack of protection for citizens and unemployment."

Although there is a threat of a sixth wave of infection, Armengol said that the people of the islands "are looking to the future with more confidence than a year ago". "Today, we know that we can defeat it. Today, we know how to protect ourselves and how to protect our people."

Armengol argued the need to adapt the Constitution to "new times", while emphasising that Covid had shown that the Magna Carta "was so advanced in its time that it is more applicable than ever".

"We are talking about a modern, social constitution that guarantees rights and freedoms and offers the basis to solve even the unimaginable, such as this pandemic." She highlighted the dialogue that there has been to approve and distribute economic aid and the importance of "decentralisation" that has allowed each region to make its decisions based on the spread of the pandemic.