Grants of 1,500 euros. | Archive


Getting on for a third of the business aid made available by Calvia town hall in March this year was not claimed. There were three million euros in all of Covid-related assistance, and 927,500 euros were left over. The town hall, which has paid out some 700 grants, now has a second campaign for this remaining amount.

The grant is typically 1,500 euros per workplace or establishment, with a maximum of 3,000 euros for two establishments operated by the same company. Businesses which benefited from state subsidies from the end of May this year are not eligible, but the self-employed are.

Business activities covered by this financial aid include restaurants, gyms, dance schools, clubs, discos, laundry services, travel agencies, hairdressers, amusement parks, photographic studios, bookshops, newsagents and souvenir shops. This is if they do not meet one or more of the requirements to be beneficiaries of Covid aid made available by the Mallorca Tourism Foundation.