Test rate was over eleven per cent on Tuesday. | Marcelo Sastre


As Wednesday is a public holiday, the Balearic health ministry's coronavirus reporting goes into little detail, other than to indicate 530 new positive cases - 420 in Mallorca, 62 in Minorca and 48 in Ibiza.

These contrast with 288 cases that were reported on Tuesday and which related to the public holiday on Monday - Mallorca 215, Minorca 69, Ibiza four. This number was down on the average for the three preceding days, 389.

The test rate on Tuesday was 11.63%, higher than the seven-day rate for the Balearics of 8.68%, as was reported on Tuesday. No test rate for the 530 cases has been reported.

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Otherwise, the ministry points to 894 people having received a first dose of vaccine on Tuesday (627 of them in Mallorca), 300 the second (178 in Mallorca) and 5,948 a booster (Mallorca 4,554).

According to figures on Tuesday, the 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics was 339.5. Mallorca was 335.4, with Minorca still the highest - 574.0. The seven-day incidence was 168.0.

On hospital wards, there were 110 Covid patients - Mallorca 96, Ibiza ten, Minorca four. In intensive care, there were 32 Covid patients - Mallorca 26, Minorca five, Ibiza one - with an ICU Covid occupancy rate of 9.3%.