Hospital starting to feel the pressure.

Hospital starting to feel the pressure.

13-12-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Ministry for Health today reported that, since Friday, a total of 1,379 new cases of Covid have been recorded in the Balearics and that five more people have died taking death toll to 1, 037 and the total number of active cases to 6,777.

What is more, the number of patients in intensive care has risen by seven to 41, taking the occupancy level to just over 10 percent for the first time since September.

And, the number of Covid patients on hospitals wards has also risen sharply by 20 percent since Friday to 166.
Yesterday, 380 new cases were confirmed, 312 in Mallorca, 45 in Minorca and 23 in Ibiza - none in Formentera.

The 14-day cumulative rate in the Balearics was 445 per 100,000 inhabitants yesterday, well up on Friday’s 392.
Minorca has the highest cumulative rate of 674 cases for 100,000 people, Mallorca 443, Ibiza 340 and Formentera 58.

There are 5,373 in either home or Covid hotel isolation, 682 more than on Friday.

The vaccination programme continues to gather pace with 83.68% of the population, aged over 12 fully vaccinated - 865,974 people.


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Mark / Hace about 1 month

The James´s and Rich´s of this world can scream all they want. They are a tiny minority. Let them shout and scream a little, as they are clearly frustrated. Who cares anyway what they say. They probably believe the moon is made of cheese too, as they read that somewhere online.


David / Hace about 1 month

Dan your spot on. All we mortals can do is do our bit , be safe ,wear a mask and get jabbed. All the Covid passport, passenger location forms and other limits short of full lockdown are nothing more than ‘must be seen to be in control’ by authorities. No piece of paper or app, can stop a virus, it’s all about people mixing. Let’s live life best we can and be sensible and keep safe that way.


Rich / Hace about 1 month

So, we ask again....ages of the dead, those with preconditions, ages of those in ICU, those who contracted covid in hospital and an acceptance that about 95% have been infected with covid and that is why the figures are so low.


Dan / Hace about 1 month

@Max pretty much everything he's said so far on the pandemic!

On your points - vaccine immunity wanes. That happens. Nobody denied it would happen. It's not some great big 'gotcha' that the vaccinated are now at risk because of a mutated variant of the virus. It's why people need flu vaccines every single year - because their immunity wanes after a period of time and the flu virus evolves and mutates each year too.

There's a really good article on the BBC that explains why a booster is so effective against this new variant.

The good news is that the mortality rate from Omicron suggests it may not be as lethal as Delta. But if it spreads exponentially then it still could cause thousands of deaths a day if it infects enough people.

So to anyone reading this far - just do your bit, be safe, wear a mask and get a jab.


Cat / Hace about 1 month

Do hospitals not normally fill up at this time of year?


Max / Hace about 1 month

@Dan. What James saying wrong? Almost everyone is vaccinated but the virus is still spreading. We keep blaming a small group unvaccinated that actually don't show up anywhere (they are simply not allowed)...


David / Hace about 1 month

One third of U.K. population received booster vaccine reported on news tonight. Up to now only minor freedoms restrictions in place. Most people I observed in town on Friday following rules, bars and restaurants chockablock at lunchtime. Saturday night traffic heavy and early bars busy and dinners out in force. Hospitals Covid activity mainly flat for weeks. The variant effect is yet unknown long term and the South African population is very different than U.K. time will tell


Dan / Hace about 1 month

I think all of the evidence shown to date shows why nobody should listen to anything James is saying on here. He's consistently been wrong about covid.

He also doesn't understand how vaccine efficacy works or waning immunity.


Lisa / Hace about 1 month

Sadly first death (UK) today.

Tourism data indicates Mallorcan bookings for the spring summer season have stopped in their tracks.

Not rocket science ...


Stephen / Hace about 1 month

If you equate and scale up these Majorca figures to the UK it’s the equivalent of 90,000 cases!! Glad I’m in the UK with fantastic NHS. Don’t count on a 2022 tourist season in Majorca, and I say that as a holiday home owner but based in UK.