Children and adults queueing for vaccination. | Gemma Marchena


There were queues at vaccination centres in Mallorca and on the other islands on Saturday, as the number of cases continues to rise.

The health ministry reported 790 new positive cases on Saturday; there were 729 on Friday - Mallorca 628, Minorca 58, Ibiza 42, Formentera one. Of the 790 on Saturday, there were 568 in Mallorca, 150 in Ibiza, 68 in Minorca and four in Formentera. The test rate was 13.23%, up from 12.72% on Friday.

The total number of Covid patients on wards is unchanged - 234 - with there being 209 in Mallorca (down two) and 14 in Ibiza (up two) and eleven in Minorca (no change).

The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down from 14.08% to 13.4%, with 39 patients in Mallorca (down two) and four in Ibiza and three in Minorca (both of these no change).

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Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 9,160 people, an increase of 352, with 7,495 in Mallorca (239 more).

As to the vaccination, 938,414 people have now had at least one dose - 3,004 more than on Friday. Having adjusted the figures on Friday to take account of people who had been vaccinated in other regions of Spain, there is now a further revision of the target population to have been vaccinated - 83.86% (it was given as 90.39% on Friday).

With the complete course, the percentage is 81.71%, 914,458 people - 648 more than on Friday.

Although there were numbers of children queuing for the KidCovid vaccination, the majority of people were adults.