Protest by antivaxxers in Mallorca

A previous protest by the group.

19-12-2021Pere Bota

A group called Baleares Acción, which comprises anti-vaxxers and Covid deniers, is explaining on its Telegram account how it can provide people who don't wish to be vaccinated with a false Covid passport, the price of which is 550 euros.

The process involves digitally replicating French certificates in order to create a Covid passport and bypass requirements established by the Balearic government.

"These clowns are now going to close everything public down ... and you can only enter with the QR. The price is like it is because we are a team and it is a lot of work. We have people in France who are helping us with this," states one of the group's messages

On Saturday, Baleares Acción staged a protest in Palma's Plaça Espanya, which was attended by around 300 people, according to police sources.

Falsifying a Covid passport is a criminal offence. Some of the Baleares Acción group boast of having accumulated numerous penalties in the past for refusing to wear masks where required and for facilitating the departure of Spanish students who were confined to the Covid hotel in the summer.


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JACQUELINE / Hace about 1 month

_These people are just so IRRESPONSIBLE.... - idiots ...if any one of these get the Covid..i certainly wont be crying for ANY of them - son hijo de putas - tan IRRESPONTBLEY Y alqunas de ello's tenies este Covid..a mi..yo NO LLORA POR NADIA....!!!


James / Hace about 1 month

It's a real shame that you have to lie to try and put your narrative across. I am a member of this group of 4500 and I have not once seen any advertisement trying to sell fake covid passports. And 550€ is really expensive the going rate is 200€ for a copy. Another shame is the 18 year old girl who had a cardiac arrest today shortly after her covid vaccine. I hope she will be OK.